Yeastar Linkus Mobile Client connected everywhere

Linkus can be used on Apple iOS and on Android cell phone. Linkus connects to the Yeastar S-Series & P-Series VoIP PBX and gives an in-office experience. Never miss a call again when you are out of the office. In addition, as VoIP phone calls are routed through the office PBX, mobile call costs are reduced.

Take your regular workplace with you

The office phone number goes everywhere. Mobile users can always be reached on the office phone number. Their own cell phone number does not need to be used.

clear overview

The extension view provides an overview of all phones in the office. This makes it easy to see if a colleague is available and to connect easily.

Enhanced experience with the new Callkit

The calls through Linkus have the look and feel of a standard phone call by using CallKit on Apple iOS 10. The phone now rings with the standard user interface of Apple iOS. This gives the VoIP calls a higher priority and fewer interruptions.

Smart design and user-friendly

Linkus is designed to make calling pleasant and easy. When a phone number is dialed, the phone number is completed. In addition, it remembers recent numbers so they can be activated with a single tap.

Integrated video conferencing

Meet everyone in the world right from your browser, in an instant. Build stronger customer relationships and immersive team collaboration with instant link invitations, HD audio and video, screen sharing, team chat during meetings and more.

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