Company information

Yeastar Nederland                     Tielweg 6
2803PK Gouda (NL)

Company details

K.v.K. Haaglanden 61271446
BTW nummer NL815990388.B01

Rabobank nummer 1279.88.645

IBAN: NL97RABO0127988645


T.: +31 88 – 788 77 77


T.: +31 88 – 788 77 77

About us

Yeastar Netherlands is importer and distributor of Yeastar products. We have been active in the telecom branch since 2003 and see great potential in the combination of quality and price of Yeastar products.

The Yeastar S Series is suitable and affordable for many applications and businesses. Yeastar aims to develop products based on VoIP that offer as much functionality as possible for business customers at a competitive price.

The Yeastar factory

On the right you can see an impression of the Yeastar factory in China. You can see how circuit boards are assembled for Yeastar products. The process is carried out according to the ISO9001 standard. In addition to the assembly of PCBs, the products are also assembled and provided with a housing at this location.

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