Easily and securely manage and monitor the S-Series VoIP PBX with Yeastar Remote management.

Yeastar Remote Management is a platform that allows you to centrally and easily manage and monitor the S-Series PBX remotely.

What is your advantage

Above all, great convenience and control. Yeastar Remote Management provides overview and information about multiple PBXs under your management. It provides you with a clear overview of the current status of the PBXs used by your customers.

PBX Overview

All connected Yeastar PBXs can be found in the list. In this list you can see which PBX is online/offline, have remote device access, and can add or remove PBXs.

Enhanced Security

It is no longer necessary to open ports (port forwarding) to access the PBX. The Yeastar Remote management system uses HTTPS and an encrypted SSH tunnel to enable access.

The costs

You can request Yeastar Remote Management from us. The costs are € 120,- per year. You can then manage a maximum of 10 PBXs. Adding an extra PBX central costs € 18,- once, so no yearly recurring costs.

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