Wallboard for Yeastar

Want to see the status of your call queues at a glance?

The Wallboard, developed by Yeastar Netherlands, connects seamlessly to the Yeastar PBX and is intended for anyone looking for a clear overview of their incoming call traffic (call queues). It already offers many features you would expect from a Wallboard by means of widgets and will gradually be expanded further with the wishes of the market. Through this “live development” we can deliver a product that not only has a state of the art interface, but also in terms of functionality is leading. The Wallboard is available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic, Russian and Dutch. Is the desired language not yet available? Then we will gladly add it for you.


The Wallboard can be set up according to your own wishes. For some, the status of the participants is important and for others the service level. You can also display one widget larger than another and you can display multiple queues.


Shows how many participants are available in the queue.



Display of the number of people waiting in the queue.



Display of the number of waiting in the queue.


Participant details

Shows how many participants are available in the queue and details about each participant.


Next waiting person

Waiting time of the longest waiting caller in the queue.



Number of callers who left the queue prematurely.


Conversations completed

Total number of calls completed normally. Use the info icon to reset.


History waiting

The progression of the number of people waiting in a graph.


Service Level

Service level performance. The percentage of calls recorded within the service level time.

We will be adding new widgets on a regular basis.

Simple, Yet powerful and flexible.

The dashboard can be customized with the various widgets and has the ability to display up to three queues simultaneously. The Wallboard for Yeastar is a cloud application that can be easily connected to your Yeastar PBX. It uses the Yeastar AMI and is currently available for the Yeastar Cloud and on the models: S50, S100 and S300. The Wallboard is compatible with any OS.

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